I am in the process of recording and launching my new Podcast series "Men With Heart". My intention for the cast is to bring awareness to many topics that men don't really ever talk about. Talking openly and honesty brings clarity and connection, as we learn we are not alone in this adventure called life.

While living on the road with my sweetie and little dude I realized that deep conversations and “bromances” helped me feel at home wherever I was. The superficial conversations didn't do it for me and left relationships stale. My closest friendships are the ones where we get to the heart of the issue and can be present for each other during times of success and failure. 

In “Men With Heart” I have conversations with men I call brothers - men who I’m doing deep transformational, integrative emotional work with. I will also be interviewing my wife and other women to find out how men can be better men. I do hope you’ll listen in and subscribe.

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