Foundation Training

Movement Strategies for Freedom from Pain

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Dr. Mike's  expertise is in therapeutic massage, applied kinesiology, Foundation Training and Chiropractic. He uses these tools to relieve pain and improve performance. Movement is life. When you're stuck, you're unable to do all the things that bring you joy. Bodywork is liberating in that it frees up the stuck places in your body and life. You will leave these sessions feeling stronger, clearer, and more in touch with yourself so you can do what you love.

Foundation Training (FT) is designed to help you create habits that help you thrive in your daily and active life. Most people discover FT because they have some form of chronic pain. However pain is not a prerequisite for FT. FT is based on basic fundamentals of movement sequences for your body to thrive. It is an accessible, safe movement modality that focuses on strengthening your posterior chain. The movements are designed to enhance both strength and mobility, so you feel confident in your daily and active life. 

Through a consistent FT practice, you’ll develop movement strategies to specifically meet your needs at work, home, gym, bike, road, court and field. You’ll identify and change movement patterns that are causing repetitive stress and early degeneration. You’ll learn tools to alleviate many common pain syndromes in the body, such as disc herniations/ radiculopathies, back and neck pain, foot and knee pain, hip, shoulder injuries, headaches and repetitive strain. 

By understanding the principles of FT you will reclaim your physicality and no longer be a victim to pain. 

Join Dr. Mike on the forefront of movement science and practice - in person or online.

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